Tolmoff Family Counseling & Life Coaching




Therapy is a very personal shared communication between individuals.  It should not be entered into lightly.  This information is given to help you know me, and what to expect from counseling.

I am married and have three grown children.  We have lived in Brookfield, CT since 1969.  I have worked as a guidance counselor for 24 years, mostly in the Danbury Public School System.  I have also been a marriage and family therapist in private practice since 1985.

My counseling style centers around individual and family relationship issues.

We work to identify the cause of, and feelings about, the problem, then change the behaviors through therapy.  Our goal is to develop a more healthy lifestyle.

Through counseling, I will help you to identify problems and see how they fit into your family system.  You will be able to understand your emotions and fears.  As you make positive changes, you are free to experience fuller life and relationships.  You will do the work, and I will provide the support.  I would be pleased to have you consider coming to me for counseling.